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Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March 2023


hundreds of young people are waiting for you for one of the most anticipated competitions for dance schools in the world

We are waiting for you, thank you for giving us your art ...

"let's dance, let's meet the world ..."




We welcome you to this competition, with which we want to stimulate, reward and recognize new dance talents, as well as offer young people the opportunity to meet, get to know each other and compare themselves amicably. Every year we have the pleasure of hosting schools and groups from all over the world, in an atmosphere of great dance party.



SATURDAY (afternoon): Baby, Children and Under categories (all categories), with final award ceremony.

SUNDAY (full day): Intermediate, Junior and Senior categories (all categories) and Choreographic Composition, with final award ceremony


NB: the Management, for organizational reasons, reserves the right to change the division of the categories over the 2 days. Any changes will be communicated by email and on this site at the close of registration, therefore well in advance.


The competition is open to dancers of any nationality. Students and teachers of Areadanza, the organizing body, are not allowed to participate. Failure to comply with the regulations may result in exclusion from the competition, without the possibility of an appeal.


The event is divided into the following sections:

DANCE COMPETITION: Classical / Neoclassical and Modern / Contemporary sections (repertoire pieces allowed). The Management reserves the right to change the subdivision for age group, as well as part of the categories, for the sole purpose of maintaining a high spirit of comparison and competition.

SOLOISTS -   maximum duration of the choreographies: 2:00 minutes - The same dancer cannot perform with more than 2 choreographies in the same category


FROM 2 TO 4 PEOPLE - maximum duration of the choreographies: 3.00 minutes - maximum 25% of over quota, and these must not exceed the age for more than 1 year. Otherwise they will be placed in the category of the older dancer. The same 2-4 cannot perform with more than 2 choreographies in the same category

GROUPS - maximum duration of the choreographies: 4.00 minutes - maximum 25% off quota, and these must not exceed the age for more than 1 year. Otherwise they will be placed in the higher age category. The same group cannot perform with more than 2 choreographies in the same category



BABY: born in 2014 and 2015

CHILDREN: born 2012 and 2013

UNDER: born 2010 and 2011

INTERMEDIATE: born in 2008 and 2009

JUNIOR: Born 2006, 2007

SENIOR: Born until 2005


COMPOSITION OF CHOREOGRAPHIC COMPOSITION - maximum duration of the choreography 6 minutes - is reserved for groups of at least 3 people, of any age group and dance style. In this section the pieces must have their own narrative and communicative independence, leaving free rein to the imagination and creativity of the I peAt the request of the choreographer, they can be announced with a short presentation (maximum 50 words), which must be provided at the time of registration.

NB:Choose Choreographic Composition if the piece has a purely communicative and conceptual imprint. If the piece is purely technical, the "groups" category is more suitable in the "Dance2 section.





For soloists there are minted medals, while plaques for groups. There will be special prizes, assigned at the sole discretion of the jury, including scholarships at academies and / or companies and enrollments in partner events and competitions.



The deadline for registrations is18 February 2023.  In the event that a sufficient number of choreographies are reached to cover the times communicated, the organization reserves the right to close the registrations early, without notice. For this reason it is requiredpre-registration, by sending an email, requesting the availability of places. After that, having received the confirmation of availability, it will be possible to proceed with the registration by sending,  by 18 February 2023 :


  • Mod. 1 (school card with list of students - one for each school)

  • Mod 2 (choreography card - one for each registered choreography)

  • Copy of the enrollment payment (a single payment for each school)

  • Music (only in MP3 format. Rename the file with: school name - choreography title. In the case of several large files,  


By mailin Areadanza, via Ferraris 4H - 57124 Livorno:

  • Mod 1 (school card with list of students, self-declaration and release of responsibility by the president / director / manager of the dance school), signed in original, with a copy of the identity document of the compiler.

NB All documentation (both by email and by post) must be received by 18 February 2022.


Dance (Classic - Contemporary):

  • solo 80 € (if the same dancer performs with other solos, the contribution for the following ones is 50 € each);

  • twos / trio and quartets: € 35 for each dancer;

  • Groups: € 25 for each dancer.

Choreographic Composition:

  • Groups only: fixed fee of € 100 + € 25 for each dancer.

A one-off contribution of € 5 is required for each dancer.

The payment of the registration fees is to be made by single payment by bank transfer to the C / C BIC / SWIFT code: BAPPIT21T03 and IBAN: IT93R0503413903000000002249 of the BPM Cassa Risparmio Pisa Lucca and Livorno in the name of Areadanza, with reason: Name of the School - Livorno in Danza. Please DO NOT make payments in the name of private individuals. The registration fee will in no case be refundable for impediments not due to the organization.Registration must be completed by 18 February 2023



The competition will take place entirely in the Goldoni Theater.

SATURDAY:  with indicative time 15:00 - 21:00, the categories Baby, Children and Under (all categories) will perform. At the end there will be the awards for the first 3 of each category (as long as they reach a score of at least 60/100),.

SUNDAY:  with indicative time 10:00 - 16:00, the categories Intermediate, Junior and Senior (all categories) and Choreographic Composition will perform. At the end there will be the awards for the first 3 of each category (as long as they reach a score of at least 60/100),

STAGE:All performances will take place with a fixed light. The Theater has a stage of 18 x 13 m with 4 wings on each side and a slope of 3%.

TESTS: There are no rehearsals, but once you have checked in, during the breaks it will be possible to visit the stage and make collective space rehearsals.

CHECK IN:check-in times will be communicated by email. At Check-In the passes will be given to the group leaders, which must be worn for the entire duration of the event.

Each teacher must have a USB support (no CD or cell phones) with back-up music (MP3 only), to be used in an emergency.

The use of sets, tools, objects or substances that could damage or make the stage slippery will not be allowed, under penalty of disqualification.

Unless otherwise indicated by the jury or the organization, applause is not allowed.



The technical jury will be made up of well-known international personalities, whose names will be made public as soon as the various agreements are defined. The judgments of the technical jury determine the category rankings and are expressed in hundredths and counted exclusively on a mathematical basis. The awarding of prizes is reserved (except in cases of ex-aequo) to the 3 choreographies who, in each category, will obtain the highest scores, provided that these are at least 60/100. The jury reserves the right not to award prizes.


Access to dressing rooms, stage and backstage will be allowed to dancers and only the choreographer, equipped with pass, who will be able to attend the performances through a large screen placed on the ground floor in the dressing room building.

The public will be able to attend by purchasing the ticket at the box office at a cost of € 10, or online starting from February 20, 2023 (through the page that will be added to the site), paying commissions  and pre-sale rights of the concessionaire, external to the organization.

There are 2 tickets: Saturday (Baby, Children, Under), Sunday (Intermediate, Junior, Senior and Choreographic Composition).

The remaining tickets will be on sale on the days of the competition.




By signing the registration form, the manager / president / director / manager declares that all members of the group he represents have absolute physical fitness to practice dance, certified by a doctor, and that the relative documentation is in the records of the own institution / association / company. He also declares that all dancers (for minors, parents or guardians) have granted Areadanza ssd the authorization for the free use of data and images taken during the event. The regulation, which has been read in its entirety, is approved without reservation.



Video / photo shoots will not be allowed, entrusted exclusively to professional operators, who will take care of their sale and dissemination.




The format, the logo and any pertinence of the LIVORNO in DANZA competition are registered and registered trademarks. For any civil or criminal dispute, the competent court is exclusively that of Livorno.


The organization reserves the right to modify or cancel the event or part of it due to subsequent needs, to be able to change at any time times, prizes, articulation, categories, sections, places and activities mentioned in this document without any obligation towards of the participants, who will be promptly informed. In case of cancellation, the registration money will be refunded.

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