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Friday 3 March 2023 at the Areadanza school

via G. Ferraris 4H, tel. 0586 854000 -

(click for MAPS )  

The classes will be held starting at 2.30 pm and will last 1 hour and 30 minutes, articulating the timetable to allow participation in all the desired classes.

The classes are optional and with a limited number . 

It is advisable to book in advance by sending an email to
For contest participants, the cost is € 20 per lesson . For those who do not participate in the competition, the cost is € 30 per lesson.


Registration form and timetables available soon  ( CLICK )  

Stephen Delattre.jpg

Stephen DELATTRE - Delattre Dance Company (France)


JUNIOR (age 13)  

SENIOR (14+ years of age):

Marcello ALGERI.jpeg

Marcello ALGERI - Ariston ProBallet (Italy)


CHILDREN (8-10 years of age)  

UNDER (11-12 years of age)  

johannes hartl.jpg

Johannes HARTL - Iwanson Int'l School (Germany)


CHILDREN (8-10 years of age)  

UNDER (11-12 years of age)  

philip_taylor 2_edited.jpg

Philip TAYLOR - ArtEZ (Holland)


JUNIOR (13 years of age)

SENIOR (14+ years of age)  

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