Tickets - Tickets

Tickets can be chosen and purchased online by clicking this LINK , which will take you to the Goldoni Theater website. We advise you todo this only after having carefully consulted the Director of your dance school, for information regarding the timetable and program. Tickets are structured as follows:

  • Competition Sunday morning (Baby and Children categories): € 10.00 + prev.

  • Competition Sunday afternoon (categories Under, Junior, Senior and Choreographic Composition): € 10.00 + prev.

It is possible to purchase a maximum of 20 tickets for each transaction. It is strongly recommended to purchase in advance as the availability of tickets on the day of the event is not guaranteed. The online purchase provides for a slight increase in the ticket for pre-sale rights and commissions (of competence external to the organization).



Sunday 6  : from 09h00 to 11h00 and from 13h00 to 16h00